Thursday, 31 January 2008

I learned something about myself

I posted this post on WW 5+ board today and I have discovered something about myself, apart from the fact that I'm a control freak which I've known all along, lol.

Shell079 left a message on my week loss thread yeterday that really made me think, so thank you Shell.She asked me what I'm going to be like when I stay the same or put on weight if I'm unhappy with losing 1½lb.

It got me thinking about why I'm feeling like a failiure even though I've lost 75lb and it was actually quite uncomfortable to think about it. The 8 months I've been doing WW, I have just avoided my emotional issues with food by being severely controlling. I wouldn't eat or have anything in the house that wasn't "WW" or what I considered healthy.But I've been avoiding the real issue.

So yesterday I ate whatever I wanted to, I really scoffed my face, not to extremes, I probably went about 12 points over but for me that was extreme and do you know what the sky didn't fall in. Today, I've regained control over food, I've realised that I'm still not really registering what I'm putting in my mouth, it's pointed but I'm eating in the same way as before it's just low calorie.

So now I'm going to listen to my body. Just because it's 1pm doesn't mean I have to eat, I should be eating when I'm hungry and stopping when I'm full, so that's what I'm going to pledge.

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