Wednesday, 16 January 2008


I've decided to write down my small targets to help me with weight loss.

I've lost 72lb so far and I weigh 16 st 4 ( I started at 21 st 6)

Target 1
lose 75lb, I would do that at 16st 1, so 3lb to go

Target 2
get into the 15stones, 15st 13, so 5lb to go
I will have lost 5 1/2 stone
This would also give me a BMI of 32.9

Target 3
to lose 6 stone, this will be 15 stone 6, 12lb to go

Target 4
To get into the 14stones at 14st 13, so 19lb to go
I will have lost 6 1/2 stone
My BMI will be 31.9

Target 5
To have lost 7 stone, at 14 stone 6, so 26lb to go

Target 6
To lose 100lb in total at 14 stone 3, so 29lb to go

Target 7
To get into the 13stones at 13st 13, so 33lb to go
I will have lost 7 1/2 stone
I will have a BMI of 29.8, that will make me overweight and not obese.

I don't care how long these take me, but realistically I would like to have reached target 1 before my birthday on February 5th and I want to be at target 2 by Valentine's Day.

Also, I'd like to have achieved target 7 by June 1st. I will have been doing WW just over a year then.

So, I'm going to get started on my targets, lol.

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