Wednesday, 6 June 2007

What was I worried about?

So what did I worry about,lol, I lost 2lb. So it's 16lb in 4 weeks, woohoo, will be happy if I can reach 25lb in 8 weeks, that's 9lb in 4 weeks, I can do that!
Considering I went to Cornwall last week for 4 days and I ate out for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I am really pleased, I obviously chose sensible options and I did walk around a lot.
So I'm off to aquarobics tonight filled with the high of losing weight! :)

Tuesday, 5 June 2007


I was so happy last week, I lost 4 pounds and made it to my stone. Hurrah.
But I have just spent 4 days in Cornwall and it is my weigh in tomorrow. I think I was pretty good, I stuck roughly to WW but I ate out a lot and I had 2 ice creams, I'm just not sure.
I did lots of walking so hopefully that helped. Well, time will tell tomorrow at the weigh in.