Thursday, 7 February 2008

My week

I went to wi yesterday and after my week, I would have been really glad to have a 1lb gain. My week was

Wednesday huge cheese baguette, 1 lemon tart, 2 chocolate cookies

Friday McDonalds - chicken sandwich large size meal

Saturday Chinese

Monday dinner out with a friend where I had a goldfish bowl of chocolate mousse

After all that food I lost 3.5lb. I really don't know how my body works sometimes, lol. The only thing that I can put it down to is that I went to the gym on Tuesday night instead of Tuesday morning. and so I may have been slightly dehydrated.

But I'm not going to blow it, I'm going to have a good week this week so that I don't gain, I can do this even though I went out for my birthday last night and had garlic bread, pizza and cheesecake at Pizza Express.

L's got a dental appointment on Monday, he's being sedated to have a tooth out and I'm a little worried, bless his little heart, it also means I can't get to the gym Monday and Tuesday for classes, so I might have to go to the gym at night or in the afternoon. R's coming with me as I don't think I could deal with it on my own.


Victoria said...

Hello !

Just thought I would say hello as I noticed your blog :o)

Don't worry about the 1lb on...after all it will probably come off next week

Love Vx

Victoria said...

Oops I totally read wrong sorry !

You had a 3.5lbs loss after eating such a lovely menu - I am jealous !

If I eat anything 'bad' I immediately put on!

Louise Woolford. said...

Well done with your weightloss so far, you've done excellent.

Caryl said...

Hi Alli
Ok this is going to sound really really stupid, but I would really like to "chat" with you properly. I think you could be a real inspiration to me as someone starting at an almost identical weight to me who has already lost so much.

Please dont think I am some weird stalker - I really am not. would you please drop me an email if you get a chance? my email is: (or I use googletalk if you have it?)