Friday, 18 April 2008

Not going smoothly

My first week of core is not going as smoothly as I would have thought or hoped. I'm finding it really, really hard! That might have something to do with the fact that I had chicken kebab and chips and half my son's burger the night of weigh in and so blew virtually all of my weekly points in one go, lol.

I always treat myself to a chicken kebab and chips when I reach a milestone, I never thought twice on points, I'd just have something very low cal during the day and then blow all my daily points on the kebab and chips at night.

As I discovered, it doesn't work that way on core, lol. I am also finding it difficult this week to get to the gym and earn some activity points as my little one is on school holidays and so I can't get to the gym in the day and then hubby has been late home every night (avoiding me and my bad moods, I think, cos I'm a cow if I can't do exercise) and I'm too tired by the time he gets home. So it's Friday today and I haven't been to the gym since Tuesday night, bloody hell!

I did go jogging around my estate today though for 45 minutes. It was fantastic, I enjoyed it so much. I probably ran 2/3 and walked 1/3, but it felt great to slap my ipod on and just relax and unwind and have some time to myself. I am definitely going to run every day whether I go to the gym or not, I'm in training for the Race for Life and I want to run it.

Anyway, back to core. Why does food become more of an issue if you can't have it? Whilst I'm learning what core is all about, I seem to be concentrating totally on what I can't have rather than what I can. I hope that will fade as I learn what the hell I'm doing and that I won't be hungry all the time.

I'm stressing about core, this is making me anxious and so then I'm turning to food. This hasn't happened to me the whole time I've been at WW (11 months)I'm second guessing myself about whether I'm still hungry or not, I'm still pointing in my head as I go through the day. I constantly want food I have to point, like crisps and toast and it's just because I can't have them because I blew my weekly points on Wednesday night. I also don't like eating my activity points (though I did have a toffee whip bar and toast with butter and lemon curd today, I was desperate).

I'm hoping I learn to relax otherwise core is not for me. I'm determined to give it a good go though, at least 1 month because I think that eating 3 meals a day would be good for me

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Anonymous said...

Give it time,like you say but if its not for you then thats not the end of the world......I couldnt even begin to try Core so I take my hat to you for giving it a try - I like my points to much now!

Good luck Alli but Im sure youll get through this minor blip.