Saturday, 3 May 2008

Think I'm getting the hang of this core thing!

I think I'm finally getting the hang of core. I lost 2.5lb this week which I have to be happy with.

I've discovered that I was eating way too much food on points. It did take a while for my body to get used to way less food and so I was really miserable the first week.

I'm still struggling a little with finishing when I'm full, but I think I will always struggle with that. I just like food, lol.

So I have 4lb to go until I'm in the 14s and hopefully I can do that before the end of May, I certainly hope so. Fingers crossed. With any luck I can be in the 13s by the end of August, that's 4 months to lose 16lb. It sounds so achievable when you say it like that, lol.

Oh, off topic, we bought our son a proper tent for his birthday and so we are thinking of trying camping. If you knew me, you'd wet yourself laughing. I hate dirt and roughing it, I hate the countryside. I like toilets and showers and a plug for my straighteners

So we're going to try camping for the weekend and then if we like it, we're going to go to France in the Summer for a proper holiday, eeeeekkkk!

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Anonymous said...

Well done on this weeks fab loss....youve done brilliantly well on core,,still dont think I could do it!

As for camping,,mmmm I couldnt 'rough it' to save my life but youre son will love it....Have fun!