Saturday, 29 March 2008

This week!

Well, this week is my back to basics week and how's it going? Pretty good actually, I half fell off the wagon yesterday and went over my points by about 4 or 5 but I can live with that, I did 13 points of exercise, so it more than covered it.

But my big discovery, my God was I eating a lot that I never even bothered to point. I confess, I am a serial pincher, I am forever eating something out of the fridge, or leftovers off someone's plate, or nicking my son's sweets and I never ever bother to point it. I must have been going hugely over my points every day and I think it's only my exercise that stopped huge gains. I fell into that yesterday and stole a piece of pizza and some chips off L's plate, but NO MORE. I'll eat some fruit if I'm hungry. In fact, I'm just off to get a couple of clementines or satsumas or whatever they are, lol.

Tonight, Saturday, is always our treat night, food-wise, so tonight we are having chicken rhogan josh with naan bread and rice and even better it's only 7 points.

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