Friday, 24 April 2009

Why does weight loss have to be such a rollercoaster?

Why can't it be easy? Why does every pound lost have to be such a fight? Why do I feel like I'm never going to be thin?

I went to weigh in on Wednesday after having had a much better week than the week before when I lost 3.5lb and I bloody gained a pound. I'm so annoyed! I'm logical, so if I eat less and work out more I want to lose more and my body has decided not to cooperate.

So I'm trying much harder this week, no potatoes, no bread (well apart from wraps, my body doesn't seem to get the cravings with those), no crisps, very little fruit, no processed foods and hardly any carbs, apart from those in vegetables and by God, I'd better lose weight or I'm going to eat every pizza, burger, slice of bread and bag of tortilla chips that I can find on Wednesday.

But after having said all of that, I feel so much better doing South Beach rather than Weight Watchers. I feel better, less tired, I spend far less time obsessing about food and I love the food I'm eating at the moment, it's so tasty.

So hopefully, I'll get my reward, lol.

I did spinning today and I didn't eat any dinner last night. Boy, halfway through did I hit a wall! My legs felt like lead, I had no energy, no gears, I just suffered through the class. The abs and kettlebell classes afterwards were fine. But I've learned my lesson about eating adequately before classes.

I desperately want a kettlebell, maybe I can treat myself when I've finished paying for our holiday to Egypt.

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