Friday, 15 August 2008

Have I changed?

I thought I'd post some photos of me before I started WW and one of me now nearly 100lb later.

This is me about 2 years ago, sorry for the blurry photo

This is me yesterday with Luke at Chessington World of Adventures

This is 96lb difference in weight, I have never looked at them together before. Wow, I'm shocked!


Stefi said...

wow!!! you look like a differnt person!!!!!! well done hun luv Kitty Anne xxx

Jarvigirl said...

Wow too right you can see the difference hon well done you have done amazing.

Anonymous said...

wow - well done Alli.Youre looking fab missus.Im so proud of how well youve done.

Dorinda said...

Alli you look fantastic!! I love the hair too!!

Sharon said...

Wow Alli! You looks fabulous! It's so good to see you looking happy. And look how grown up Luke is! Sure do miss you around SCS! {{{{HUGS}}}}

Jen said...

Wow Alli, you look so beautiful!!! Congrats on the weight loss--that's FANTASTIC!!!!!!

And Luke is completely adorable too!